why gorilla ink design house? why?

I'm happy you asked. Let us go through the easy stuff first:

DESIGN HOUSE: We design stuff, and studio sounds a bit too pretentious, and way too serious.

Now, the GORILLA part is a bit more complex. I'd always heard the saying that the one garing thing in the room that no one wants to talk about is the 900-lb. gorilla in the room. This has always struck a chord with me in my minimalist approach to art. In college, I really embraced this, and my mantra became SUPPORT the REVOLUTION, the basis of which was the war against bad design, which was, in my opinion, that gorilla.

So, the goal became to design things that people wanted to talk about. Make sense? Good.

...and the INK? I like tattoos and drawing, and I used a lot of Bic pens as a kid...


ENJOY THE RIDE. support the revolution.


welcome to the awesome.